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You Pay

We charge you a very competitive rate for all bookings placed within the website or put in the backend in your office. From 1.5%*
You absorb this cost within your product and we invoice you monthly for the amount of bookings you have put through our system. Your customer does not see any booking fee and pays the amount as per the prices you have quoted

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They Pay

At the end of the checkout for your product a final balance is shown to the customer that will include a booking fee. This booking fee is 3% and will be paid by the customer. This way you do not have to pay one penny for our booking system but still get the full booking system at no cost to you. You are invoiced monthly for all bookings through your website at the rate of 3%.

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If you are looking for one of our 1 boat or 2 boat "off the shelf ready made systems" 
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