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CWPHIRE Cotswolds 

".. We could not find one single company to supply us the system that we wanted “said Tom Boterill at CWP Hire a company in the Cotswolds that rent Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Rowing Boats etc.

We visited Tom and his crew in the early months of 2018, and after an initial successful meeting came up with a system to suit their needs. After some to and froing, with ideas flowing from both sides they launched ready for the summer season.

The company are delighted with the system, it has transformed the way they work, less phone calls, more bookings and office efficiency. 


Orwell River Cruises 

Selling tours through the local Tourist Information centre and also via their website was causing communication problems between both parties.

Boat booking systems created an additional agent login system to run alongside Orwell's current system

The Ipswich Tourist Information Centre now has direct access into the Orwell system to book and to check availability for its walk in customers. The centre takes a small commission for all bookings taking these are fully documented, added up and reported weekly and monthly for payments 


Bayisland Voyages

"One of our current jobs.... Another addition to our system again written totally for free to enhance our customer’s system experience

Any skipper will know that filling out vessel log sheets can be a pain. Boat Booking Systems have been asked to write an electronic vessel logbook that will pull information from the booking system, calculate fuel used, costs, and oil and service intervals

It will also pull live data from the system to log trip times. Number of passengers and a lot more including an electronic signature from the skipper.

All daily sheets are then filed within the system for easy access at any time through our enhanced search function

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